Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas is Just 19 Days Away!

Hi Friends,

Hope you are all doing well and are busy getting ready for the holidays.
I have been really busy trying to beat the clock finishing swaps, shopping, mailing out packages , mailing out Christmas Cards, decorating my home, shopping, shopping,  shopping, LOL
Also busy creating a few things for this post. :)

Maybe you already noticed my Header well, it is one of my Christmas Fabric Postcards!
I love the way it turned out.

                               Primitive Santa that I made.....Isn't he cute????
                                 Toy Shoppe Christmas Tag #1 that I made for a Swap
                                                   Toy Shoppe Christmas Tag #2
                                                    Toy Shoppe Tag #3
                                                    Santa Ornament "Believe in Magic"
                                                                  Snowman Ornament
                                                         More Ornaments

                                                               Christmas Charms


Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hope everyone has a Thanksgiving full of  many blessings!
My love to all.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hi Friends...........

Hi Friends,

Hope you are all doing well.
I have been really busy lately trying to get lots of things done before Thanksgiving and  Christmas.
No matter how organized I am, this always happens. November is my busiest month! :(
I did buy my Christmas cards already so it is just a matter of putting aside a morning or evening, to fill them out and address them.  My goal is to have them in the mail by the first week of December.

I have worked on lots of things , so hopefully soon I will upload them for all to see.
For now, please enjoy my New Postcard that I have put up as my New Header!

Hugs to all.

Thursday, October 31, 2013



If you have children in your neighborhood, hope you are enjoying their costumes and the little
voices saying" TRICK OR TREAT HALLOWEEN!" :)

Just wanted to share with all of you a few Halloween creations.

                             An Original Mummy Doll by Me for a personal swap
                                 Halloween Pumpkin Head doll for a Personal Swap. I used a pattern from
                        Chestnut Junction that I reduced in size!
                               My Studio Door with Halloween Cards and Tags that I received.
                              Halloween Mug Rug that I made for my dear friend, Myra.
                 Halloween card and Candy Corn Coaster that my talented friend, Myra made for me.
      Thanks again, Myra! I love it.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Frida Kahlo Paper Dolls

Hope you are all doing well and happily creating some art. :)

Just wanted to share with you 2 New Paper Dolls. One of them is dressed in a more traditional Mexican style  dress with the wonderful prints, flowers, butterflies etc. and the other in a Morticia Addams Style Halloween Outfit. :)
Frida wasn't very curvy in real life but here she is a brand new woman. :) Look at her SEXY glittery dress with a cobweb and all. She even has a Bat hair clip in her hair! LOL
I had fun with them and hope you enjoy them too.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hi Friends,

Here are some Halloween Tags that I made recently to get everyone in the mood for Witches, Black Cats, Ghosts, Vampires, Pumpkins and other things! :) The Blog Header is one of my Halloween Fabric Postcards. :)

Hope you like them and please leave a comment.
Love and Hugs to All!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Box Art Doll

Hi Friends,

Are you all having a lovely and creative day?
I really hope so.
I took a short break from painting some papers for my next project to post my Box Art Doll.
I made this doll for an online swap where the theme was "Back To School"!
I should have taken a "close-up" of the body(box) of the doll, so you could see all the neat things I added but sorry I didn't. :(
I really used two boxes for the doll. A small box that had a plastic clear dome for the head and the other one for the body. Under the clear dome, I inserted a clay face . I painted the box and glued it to the body box. I added lots of different school related items around the head.
The box I used for the body was a cigar box that I found with a clear acrylic cover. Worked perfectly as a shadow box where I could add different school related embellishments. :)
Inside the body box I added, an ATC, a small chair, a flag, a book bag to name a few of the things.
Then added pencils as arms and pieces of a ruler for legs.

Hope you like it. I really had fun creating it.

Hugs and until next time!